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A prototype is worth a thousand meetings

Rapid prototyping is one of the superpowers of product engineer leadership. Use it.

- Abe Gong

Beware generic wisdom

Engineering is complicated and context dependent. Selection bias is real. YMMV.

Remember Condorcet's Jury Theorem

The probability of making a correct decision goes up as more independent voices are included.

- Tyler Jarvis

Talk to everyone about what you are doing

People are too worried about having their great idea stolen. Ideas are cheap (and mostly wrong). Implementation is the hard part. The more help you can get on refining and implementing your ideas, the better off you'll be.

- Tyler Jarvis

Understand the "why"

Always start with the "why" behind a potential feature and work backwards to a solution.

- Micah Lisonbee

No silver bullets

Effective data teams prioritize high quality data, analyses, and infrastructure.

- Sarah Catanzaro